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Tips to Ensure you Eat The Right Foods to Maintain Body Weight

With people becoming more health conscious each day, you must have heard so much about the importance of balanced diet and exercise for health and fitness. However, what exactly is a balanced diet and how does it help you to maintain an ideal body weight? If you plan to start exercising with Coogee personal trainers they will in all probability create a diet chart for you and guide you on nutrition and correct eating. Alternatively, you can make your own diet plan if you know just how different categories of food influence your body weight, metabolic rate and overall fitness.

Your Diet and Ideal Body Weight

Food provides your body with calories that are burnt to release energy required for your daily chores. Unused calories are deposited as fat in different areas all over the body; to be used as and when required.

As Coogee personal trainers say, the trick to maintaining an ideal body weight is to eat in such a manner that your calorie intake is always less than your body’s requirement. Under such a situation, the body will utilize all the calories it derives from your meals and will also burn some stored fat to release more energy. If your meals provide more calorie than required, it will just be stored as fat and you will gain weight. So the basic aim of a planned diet is to curtail intake of calories without compromising on nutrition.

How to Eat Correctly

Different categories of food provide different amounts of calorie. Moreover, you must also know how much calorie you require and limit your food intake accordingly. Selecting the right food groups and controlling portions is vital if you want to maintain an ideal body weight.

Selecting the Right Food Groups

Take a stock of all food items that you eat and divide them into categories that you can eat regularly, intermittently or rarely (special occasions).

Foods that are low in calories and fat should form the mainstay of your diet. Such food includes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean poultry portions, sea food, egg whites, whole-grain bread or cereals etc.

Do include low-fat dairy products and nuts and seeds as these are high in protein. Protein is the building block of lean muscles that make you look trimmer and also boost natural fat burning within the body.

Here is the link of a great online meal plan designed by your personal trainers which outline what type of food you should eat and at what time of the day.

Curtail your intake of carbohydrate-rich food that are high on calorie such as bread or pizza made from refined flour, potato chips, dried fruits, candies, soft drinks, alcohol etc. Let water or natural fruit juices (without added sugar) quench your thirst.

High fat foods such as hash browns, gooey pastries, sinful desserts, restaurant or party food etc should be limited to only special occasions.

Controlling Portions

Apart from selecting the right food, you must also know how to control portions. With some help from your Hyde Park bootcamp personal trainer calculate how much calorie you need per day and plan your meals accordingly. Use a smaller plate so that even a little portion looks enough. While at parties, take whatever you want and move away from the buffet table. In case you cannot stop yourself, do take a little portion from all the goodies so that you can taste everything without the risk of putting on weight.